Friday, October 26, 2007

A Sense of Place

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What is the appropriate relationship between humans and the whole living system? In the act of honoring the connection and dependency that we have with the whole web of life lies the possibility of a deep and abiding communion. If, as author Wendell Berry has written, “you can’t know who you are until you know where you are,” then the process of discovering and achieving a sense of place may be the most important step in our life’s journey.

This program is based on interviews with five people who are exploring this frontier: Kirkpatrick Sale, John and Nancy Jack Todd, Paul Winter, and Jeff Bercuvitz.

29 minutes ©1994 Foundation for Global Community

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Ange said...

I am unable to play this video as it does not appear on lists. This is unfortunate as I am writing a paper for my College programme and am in a position to recommend that this be purchased four Library.