Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Water - Sacred and Profaned

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“If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water.”
     ~ Loren Eisley

Many documentaries have focused on the various way the Earth’s water has become polluted and profaned. This program esplores the sacred nature of this precious gift which is everywhere, surrounding us, enveloping our lives and those of every other living thing. Without water there would be no plants, no food, no fish, no birds, no people, no life.

Six unique men and women share their experiences and insights about water, the most abundant and fundamental element of the Earth. Throughout the program are images of water in all its forms—clouds, snow, rain, ice, rivers,, lakes and oceans—culminating in a four-minute montage of beauty set to the inspiring music of David Foster.

Award-winning poet and novelist with roots in the Native American tradition.

Pulitzer Prize winning poet, also served as Poet Laureate of the United States and created the “River of Words” project.

Award-winning author and naturalist.

Author of “River: From Source to Sea” which
Chronicles his six-month solo journey, at age 67, down the entire 1700-mile length of the Colorado River.

Director of the Water Research Institute at Blue Hill in Maine.

Poet and lecturer throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

26 minutes ©1998 Foundation for Global Community


Ange said...

I am unable to play this video as it does not appear on blip.tv lists. This is unfortunate as I am writing a paper for my College programme and am in a position to recommend that this be purchased four Library.

robbe said...

Amazing and moving video!! Watching this healed and relaxed me; I'm going to share the link with friends and may purchase to share with others.
-Robin B
Barboursville, WV

Unknown said...

Today as l celebrate World Water Day and the gift Precious Sister Water is, l viewed this magnificent for the first time. I feel so blessed! And l feel reat gratitude to all who created this masterpiece.

Unknown said...

Today on this annual World Water Day, l viewed "Water ~ Sacred and Profaned" for the first time as part of my morning reflection. WOW! Thanks to all whose artistry, creativity and love for all life have brought this to us. I gratefully shared it on Facebook today.